Engine Oils & Fluids

Taking care of the engine or battery, depending on the make of the car, improves the chances of a car lasting for the long haul. Maintaining them regularly and ensuring issues are nipped at the bud, one can save himself, lot of unnecessary distress and hassles. However, only the very best and the skilled technicians should do this. At Auto, we pledge by the most trustworthy and experienced technicians to ensure that your car get the best attention and care it deserves through our engine and battery.

Special Synthetic Blend Oil Change & Maintenance $25 Off

•Synthetic Blend Lube, Oil & Filter • Load Test Battery • Inspect Fluids • Check Charging System • Check Antifreeze/Coolant • 4-Wheel Tire Rotation • Seasonal Safety Inspection • Complimentary Code Scan *Appointment necessary, most fluids / vehicles with coupon. Up to 5 quarts oil & filter included. Diesel, full synthetic lubricants, special / canister oil filters, disposal fee, job supplies, code diagnostics, & tax extra. EXP 03/31/2024

Special Winter Maintenance $129.99

Includes: Synthetic Blend Lube, Oil & Filter, 4-Wheel/Tire Rotation, 4 Wheel/Tire Balance, 4 Wheel Alignment Check, Heater and Defroster Check, Battery/Charging System Inspection, 39 pt. Safety Inspection, Inspect/Top Off Fluids. Most vehicles/fluids. Up to 5 quarts synthetic blend oil, oil filter. Diesel, full synthetic oils, special/canister oil filters, disposal fee, job supplies & tax extra. There will be an additional charge for toe-in, caster, camber adjustments and/or any alignment kits needed to perform alignment. There may be an additional charge to reset/repair unresponsive TPMS sensors. Not valid with any other offer, coupon, or special. EXP 03/31/2024

Special Winter Heater & Radiator Service $229.99

Includes: Engine, Heater & Cooling System Service: • Evacuate Old Coolant/ Antifreeze • Purge System & Refill with NEW Antifreeze Coolant • Check Defroster • Check Heater Includes up to 2 gallons of “ Green Antifreeze”. Dexcool, Asian & Global coolants extra. Most vehicles. Not valid with other offers. 4WD/AWD, Trucks & Vans may be extra. EXP 03/31/2024