Fix Your Bumpy Ride

If your tires and suspension aren’t working the way they were designed, then you may not only be experiencing a bumpy ride, but you may be putting yourself and others at risk of a serious accident.

Tires that are worn don’t get the traction they need to withstand the changes in the weather in Glenview or the surrounding Chicagoland area and can not only cause you to skid or hydroplane but may also blow out while you are on the highway, which may mean you lose control of your vehicle. If your suspension isn’t working the way it was designed, your car may be more difficult to control while making a quick stop or turning to avoid an accident. Believe it or not, your suspension system works with your brakes and tires to ensure your car stays level and in control during rapid changes in speed or direction. If you want to keep safe, you need excellent tires and a suspension system that works optimally.